Counseling & Advising

Counseling & Advising

Counselors are available to assist applicants with vocational choices, financial aid, veterans benefits, admissions procedures, and other matters pertaining to educational programs. The Center for New Directions provides a variety of counseling services in addition to those available in the Student Services Office.

Initially, academic advising takes place with our admission counselors. For your ease specific counselors have been assigned advising services according to your program of interest. If you are interested in any of the medical fields, your contact person is Justin Esplin (208-535-5302) Admissions Counselor. For career technical general programs your contact person is Becca Franco (208-535-5379). For associate transfer degrees (AA) (AS) your contact person is Jared Gardner (208-535-5338).

Substance Abuse Prevention Information

Alcohol and/or drug abuse causes a number of marked changes in behavior. Even small amounts can significantly impair judgment and coordination and interfere with a student's desire to do well.

At CEI, we encourage students to do their best but realize that some students will experience setbacks in their educational pursuits as a result of substance abuse. As a preventative measure, we offer on-campus: written information, community referrals, and crisis intervention. Student Services is here to provide support to any student in need. The Center for New Directions can also assist in individual needs.

Additionally, the Idaho Falls area provides a variety of alcohol/drug intervention resources. Some local number listings are: AA Hotline: 524-7729; and Al-Anon: 522-4947.


Admissions Counselor / Associate Transfer Degrees

Jared Gardner
(208) 535-5338

Admissions Counselor / Career Technical Health Professions

Justin Esplin
(208) 535-5302

Admissions Counselor / Career Technical General Programs

Becca Franco
(208) 535-5379


College of Eastern Idaho, 208.524.3000, 1600 S 25th E, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

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